Dexterous Logic

Hello, my name is Stephen (not Dexter), and this is the site of what was to be my super-successful software business, before I started to question whether I actually wanted that.

Anything I’ve written that you didn’t pay for should be considered unsupported.

Semi-active projects include Super Simple Highlighter, which is a Chrome extension for highlighting & storing text on web pages, and WoofMoo, which is an Android app for listening to the WFMU radio station.

I’ve written other things, but to be honest I’ve forgotten most of them. So if you find one, consider it deprecated. So it goes.

On Twitter I’m @technicalflaw, but I rarely use it, because it’s a cesspool. You can also send an email. I will probably read it eventually, but I can’t guarantee a response.

If you’re feeling generous you can donate with PayPal, or view my Amazon Wish List.

And no, my name really is not Dexter.

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