Frequently Asked Questions

Woof Moo
Server API powered by KenzoDB, written by Ken Garson Systems LLC


  • What is the fundamental terminology of the app?

    • Schedules and the Archive contain Shows.

    • Each show contains one or more Episodes, ordered by the date they were archived.

    • Each episode contains zero or more Tracks.

    Shows, episodes, and tracks can be bookmarked, enabling notifications for streaming and archive activity. Episodes and tracks played are also stored as history.

  • How do I download an episode of a show, to listen offline?

    • If you haven’t done so already, create a new queue (although the Ad hoc queue is always present, it is not recommended to use it).

    • Add the episode to this queue.

      • Find the episode either by selecting the show the episode belongs to, located in the schedules or the vertically scrolling list in the archives. Select the show, then select the episode.

      • Tap the Add to Queue icon in the top right corner, then select the queue you just created.

    • Locate the queue you created, and tap the episode you added to it. In the dialog that opens, select the Download icon in the top left.

      • You can also long-press on the episode in the queue to select it, then choose Download from the menu.

      • Tapping the circular image (on the left-hand side) will also select the episode.

    When you’re finished with the downloaded episode, remove the corresponding queue entry, and the download will be removed.

    You can also mark a queue for Automatic Downloads. Any episodes added to it will be downloaded without your intervention. Enable this when creating the queue, or from the menu.

  • How do I save a downloaded episode as an mp3 file, for use in another application?

    • Tap the corresponding episode in its queue, OR long-press on the episode in the queue to select it (you can also tap once on its icon).

    • Select Copy Download to… from the 3-dot menu in the top right corner.

  • What is the Ad-hoc queue, and why shouldn’t I use it for downloads?

    When, for example, an archived episode is chosen for playback, behind the scenes a queue is created, containing just this episode. This is the Ad hoc queue. Anything that was in the queue beforehand is removed.

    For an episode to be downloadable, it must be part of a queue. When the episode is removed from a queue, its downloaded file is also removed. Therefore if the episode is in the Ad hoc queue and it has been downloaded, you must take care not to play a different episode, or the file will be removed its corresponding episode is removed from the Ad hoc queue.

    Therefore the safest option is to create a dedicated queue, whose contents you explicitly manage yourself. Note that, as of version 2022.6.126, the Ad hoc queue is hidden by default. It can be made visible from the 3-vertical-dot menu in the upper-right corner.

  • What’s the different between streaming and downloading an episode?

    Downloading an episode transfers the entire episode to your device, whereas streaming splits it into 15 minute chunks. When you approach the end of one chunk, the next chunk downloads seamlessly.

    Therefore you need to be online at the moment the next chunk is required. In this way, should you not listen to the entire episode, you haven’t wasted too much data.

    As expected, live streaming requires being online constantly.

  • How do I get a notifications when stream begins, or an episode is archived?

    You must add a show as a bookmark.

    • Find the show in the schedules or the vertically scrolling list in the archive, and select it.

    • Select the bookmark icon in the menu bar. (You can also long-press on the show in its list, and choose Add to Bookmarks from the menu).

    A bookmarked show that will be streamed today will now be listed on the home page, below the carousel.

    • To receive a notification when the show’s stream begins, tap the bookmark’s subscribe button, and select Live Streaming Alarm.

    • To receive a notification when an episode of a show is archived, tap the bookmark’s subscribe button, and select Archived Episode Notification.

  • How do I enable Spotify integration?

    Go to the app’s settings (using the menu in the top left corner), and login to your Spotify account (you don’t need to install the app, although it streamlines the process).

    Now, when display track information, a Spotify tab will be present alongside and Discogs, with an option to play the track with Spotify, or add it to a playlist.

  • How do I change tracks?

    • If the player is collapsed (just the track name is showing at the bottom of the screen), swipe left or right over the name.

    • If the player is expanded (occupies the entire screen), the following options are available.

      • From the transport page (middle), drag the dial by the arrow, in a circular motion. Each outer dot represents a new track.

      • Swipe left or right over the track’s name at the bottom of the screen.

      • From the queues page (rightmost), select the track and choose play from the toolbar of the dialog that opens. You can also long-press the track, and choose Skip to Position from the menu, or tap the track’s icon to do that directly.

  • How do I post comments using my WFMU account?

    You don’t. Comments posted from within the app are currently not linked to any account. To use your account, go to the episode’s web page instead. A link is provided at the top of the New Comment dialog.

  • What about crashes on devices running anything other than Android 8?

    I only own one phone, and that’s what it’s tested on. Anything else relies on crash reports and guesswork.